Sunday, March 9, 2014

RG RX-178 Gundam MK II

the runner is what the color came in originally, and the pieces are painted with Testors Gold Enamel

Here is the leg vent, painted with the gold. Using the right amount of thinner allowed the paint to be a little more runny, and go on smooth, even with hand brushing

It stands out even more when inserted into the leg

the other side of the leg, will unfortunately be less visible

Finished up the legs

after more work, I finished up the torso and chest

I decided to do a very simple weathering on the chest. 

This took me a very good amount of time. It was a lot of experimenting, and inspiration
through alternating white on the navy blue plastic, i was able to achieve sort of a "dusted" grit on the armor. Using silver, I made light dashes to achieve scratches

And the head is done!

I also took the time to paint the thrusters

Before I started to weather up the gray armor

in the end, I alternated silver and white on the white/gray pieces of armor. smudging the gray was a little too deep, but then using white, it cleaned it up a little, leaving just enough residue to make the armor look slightly weathered. 

Also weathered the shield, I really like how it came out

These are all post flat coat photos

full front view

one of my favorite poses

thanks for viewing!

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