Thursday, March 27, 2014

GunplaWorks: HG 1/144 GM Sniper K9 Build and Thoughts

Today I will take you through the initial build of the GM Sniper K9 with some of my thoughts. In a little bit, I will post the photos/poses. Hope this helps if you want to get the kit. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

The parts: As you can see, there are a two shades of green, and a few shades of gray, the yellow, clear green, and the beam sabers. All in all, if you look closely, there are a lot of pieces. The instruction booklet itself had about 56 steps (including the K9 pack/weapons)

And of course, it comes with 8 1/144 soldiers that fit in the pack. (I could only manage 3 at a time, and i broke one of its feets)

Fairly small sticker sheet. I was pleasantly surprised with this. After building the Build Strike and seeing how many stickers it needed to be finished, I was glad to see that the GM sniper would not need as many. As such, I decided to use the stickers they provided. 

The sticker sheet gives you the option to put the GM Sniper into Exam Mode. (which i prefer) however, this is permanent (unless later on you decide to just peel the stickers off and replace them). Most of the stickers are for the torso area, as you can see. The only one I didn't like was the folding piece that goes right over the center. 

Here it is done with the shoulders. If you refer to the prior picture with the stickers, those rectangular/trapezoidal yellow stickers go into the vents on either side of the shoulders.

The kit itself comes with 6 manipulators. You get 2 standard trigger finger hands for L and R, and one extended wrist trigger finger for the R hand. It comes with one open hand, and also two open fists for holding the combat knife/beam sabers. 

Finished up the legs and arms as well. There is panel lining to be done. You might want to darken up the vents in the knee sections so they pop out a little more. 

Ok so this is the interesting thing. If you haven't heard anything about the GM Sniper K9, this is my one problem. The holsters are a separate piece that slip in between the gray part and the rest of the leg you see there. This causes a very loose connection, and the legs will fall out occasionally, especially if not in a standing pose. The other thing is the side waist skirts will bump into them as well. Though it is a nice touch, it seems to cause a lot more trouble than its worth. 

Here is the waist skirt in question. 

Put all the bottom part of the body together. Be careful, the beam sabers connect to a very small peg of plastic on the waist skirts, and I feel if you move it the wrong way, you will easily snap it. (It has happened with my Unicorn Destroy mode...)

Front of the legs section

All together. 

Weapons (not including combat knife and beam sabers)

Thanks for checking this out. Stay tuned for the next post, giving my final thoughts and verdict on the kit, along with some poses!

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