Friday, March 28, 2014

GunplaWorks: HGBF 1/144 GM Sniper K9, Final Thoughts and Verdict

Welcome to my follow up post to the GM Sniper K9 GunplaWorks. Here are some final thoughts, along with some poses/pictures I took. Discretion: These thoughts are based on my opinion and experience, and by no means should be taken as a final verdict/fact. You may have a different experience than me, of course. Feel free to comment whether you agree/disagree/or have anything else that might be helpful to know about this kit as well! Thank you all. 

I purchased this kit off of HLJ  for 1530 Japanese Yen before shipping. Currently the market fluctuations hover around 20-30 dollars on popular sites. 

Size Comparison: 
On the left we see the GM Sniper K9 compared with the Build Strike Full Package, the original HGBF release. With the wings fully extended on the Strike, it is much taller and wider than the GM Sniper. However, the GM Sniper's frame is wider/bulkier than the Strike. Going by head, both are fairly similar in height, but the Strike is barely taller (if i had him stand completely straight up) But the antenna on the GM evens it out (if that even matters at all).
On the right, we see the GM compared with the HGUC Jesta Cannon. The Jesta traces its origins back to the Jegan, which is developed from the line of GMs. The Jesta is bulkier, and wider, and overall bigger just because of the armaments/armor. (btw the Jesta Cannon is one of my favorite HGUC kits, so pick it up if you have the chance)

The GM Sniper K9 stands fairly well. However, as you can start to see in both pictures, the pistol holsters and the side skirts start to get in the way of each other as you shift them around. Pictured here, the GM sniper is holding the sub-machine gun, and the standard rifle, with the K9 rifle strapped to his back. 

K9 Pack:
One of the first things that concerned me when i thought about purchasing this kit was "How ridiculous will a dog hanging off the back of a Gundam look?" and to be honest, it isn't too bad. You can fidget with the legs to make it look like an extended booster/jetpack type of thing, and its not as high-profile as you might think it is. 

Additional Weapons:
The GM Sniper comes with Dual Pistols (dualies) that can make for some pretty cool action shots. Here he is propped up on an Action Base #2. Though the action base is not necessary, you can still get some cool poses with it. The pistols can be stored in the leg holsters when not in use. 

The GM Sniper also comes with a very large K9 rifle that can be converted to the head of the K9 pack. My one problem with this is the weight, and size of the rifle. It is very cumbersome, and also very difficult to pose with, and the GM Sniper K9 does not do a very good job of holding it. Though if you can get it right, it will look very cool. You can switch out the other hand and have him holding that forward handle as well, but the rifle will have to run across the front of the body, because he can't reach it in front of him. The Rifle also has a monopod. 

Final Thoughts/Verdict: 
I really like this kit. I don't particularly "love" the GM Sniper K9, but I really like the GM Sniper design. The reason I chose the K9 was because of the amount of weapons it comes with. It also comes with extra parts that you could swap out to make it look more like the GM Sniper II that it is based on. 
Amount of weapons
Lack of too many stickers
Cool gimmicks (the flip down visor/exam system etc)
Comes with 1/144 soldiers!
Amount of manipulators
Sturdy Build for the most part
Great design
Great color molding

K9 pack can look ridiculous
Problem with legs staying on because of the holsters
Holsters and side skirts get in the way of each other
Can't hold large rifle very well
Large rifle is cumbersome/heavy

Should you get it? That's up to you to decide. After my purchase, I was not disappointed, especially for the price I paid (which came out to about $25 including shipping). If you love the GM Sniper II and want more weapons, or just  the GM Sniper K9, this kit is very good, and is certainly one that I think would be great to add to your Build Fighters collection. (even though it was only featured in one episode). 

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