Wednesday, April 2, 2014

HGBF 1/144 Kampfer Amazing Custom Paint: The Crimson Comet

 So I ordered the Kampfer Amazing two weeks ago, to get some the weapons runner from Gundam Planet. Though this kit didn't really appeal to me too much, I thought it would still be a great addition to my Build Fighters Collection. I always felt that Tatsuya Yuuki would keep with his red mobile suits, like his Zaku Amazing. With this in mind, I decided to custom paint this Kampfer red. 

My first step was to remove all the blue armor pieces from the runners and then sand them down. For this, I used 3M 1000 grit sandpaper, just to remove that glossy cover. I then used compressed air to clean off any excess dust that remained from the sanding. 

Finally a nice day came around. My next step was to prime the pieces. I used painters tape to mask the under sections, so I wouldn't fill those holes and would still be able to put the pieces together. I used Testors Enamel flat white spray, and just gave the pieces a light coating, to give the red something to stick on. 

After allowing the priming to settle, I then used Testors Enamel Gloss Red spray to coat over it. Testors tends to be pretty thick, and as you can see, it made a mess. Thankfully none of those drops landed on the pieces as I was spraying. Looks like I just did surgery. One good coat over the top of the primed pieces was all I needed, and it ended up being a pretty smooth and good layer of red. 

After the red paint settled, I topcoated all the pieces, and then allowed that to dry. (I was advised to do this by my friend, who also painted his Kampfer, except his was black.)

Here is the Kampfer all put together, no details, no weapons, no panel lining. 

As I was building, I figured Kampfer needed something to fight with. I found this Katana from Bleach, that happened to fit in the dagger holster. (I believe its Senbon Zakura that belongs to Byakuya Kuchiki) Sengoku Kampfer?

The weapon binders were a pain. Each required 10 stickers, totaling to 20 between the two. 

Here are all the weapons, minus a handle that can connect both weapon binders and let the Kampfer hold them.

Here he is all detailed up: The Kampfer Amazing Crimson Comet

Some action poses.

The Red Zeons:
Zaku II Johnny Ridden Custom, Kampfer Amazing Crimson Comet, Sinanju

If you want to see the Kampfer vs GM Sniper K9 poses I did, check it out here! (note, this is the same album from reddit, if you've already seen it)

Thanks for checking it out!

Also in GunplaWorks news:


I came home to this big box the other day. For those of you who know my Reddit /u/ you probably know what's in here already.

Tada! its the Sinanju Stein Ver Ka, that I picked up off a random Amazon sale for about 60 dollars. 

So keep an eye out for this bad boy as he joins a myriad of kits that I need to build, that also made my wallet cry! 

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