Monday, August 25, 2014

Day Project: SD Sazabi

Hey Builders,
It's been a fairly long time since I've posted or updated anything. I've been in a flux of trading kits, selling kits, and just being in a rut. Jumping into this hobby headfirst has been a costly endeavor, and I might have gone a little overboard, spending much of my funds on the over 30 kits in under a year. I have since taken the decision to slow down. 

Today I had some free time to work on one of my favorite projects: SD Gundams. SD Gundams are simple, yet beautiful models that only take me a few hours to complete, while taking my time and also adding little details to hopefully make it look good. I spent my afternoon watching Modern Family while building this little guy. 

No review for him, however, I will include some small thoughts on this kit that I had while building it. 

The Sazabi is Char Aznable's final suit from the OVA movie release, Char's Counterattack. Many of you know that one of the most popular MG releases out there recently, has been the complex and beautiful Sazabi Ver. Ka. a model developed on the art of Hajime Katoki. I, however, am short on funds, and however much I would love to have that kit, I will settle for now on its peewee counterpart. 

I know for a fact, however, that my friends over at Gundariumsmith have their hands on the Sazabi Ver Ka so keep an eye on that, hopefully sometime soon. Check em out at 

I have to say the color separation on this kit is pretty good. Its not just a simple solid red plastic all over the body. There is actually some deeper reds in the shoulders/arms. Not to mention the goldenrod yellows are a nice touch. 

I do have a few gripes. His head is so dang huge that it sits over the funnel pack, and is very limited in its movement.

The arms are also very difficult to pose. With the two piece shoulder armor, it can be a little finicky to try to fit that shield on, or try to move those arms to a proper pose.

But besides that, this guy looks pretty sweet. Here he is with his second coming, the Sinanju based upon the design specs of the Nu Gundam and Sazabi. 

This guy is fairly cheap, and will not disappoint for a quick build. Grab some Gundam markers and a little bit of paint, and this guy will definitely pop on your shelf. 

Until next time!


  1. Can you recommend specific paint, brushed and markers?

    I have a collection of SDs that I'd like to improve on but have no knowledge of this. Testors paint is a brand the local hobby shop sells but idk if I need to primer or put in a top coat etc.

    1. I have some experience with testors. It tends to lay on a bit thick, so you would want to use some thinner to get it to a "milky" viscosity. Primer will definitely help the paint think, usually you want to use primer when you are changing colors, or brightness. You can use different colored primers for different uses.

      In general, you will most likely want to prime if you are attempting to go from a darker color to a lighter color, even if it is within the same color family.
      Sanding is another important aspect. You can probably lay on some paint onto a sanded surface and be alright if the colors are going darker, or relatively the same.

      You should also seal your pieces before painting, as paint can seep into the parts that are snap fitted together, which causes a huge mess.

      I would recommend trying to find tamiya paints.

      Top coat should come after your paint has completely cured, so you do not add moisture that reacts to the paint/causes it to run.