Sunday, March 23, 2014

HG Arios + HG GN Archer WIP UPDATE 6/6/14

Here is the A Plate for the HG Arios, i'm not a big fan of the orange that it came molded in. 

Girlfriend was building the GN Archer, and she did a pretty good job at it!

We were making about the same progress as we built, Head and Torso done about the same time.

Everything was going well, until the arm joint snapped when she was putting it into the bicep section. 
I was very disappointed because I thought she just broke it, but in fact the arm joint is very fragile looking, and poorly designed. The part where the Polycap connects to is very thin, and broke without much effort at all. With many failed attempts at fixing it, I'm currently in the process of trying to order a replacement part.

She decided to paint sections, instead of using stickers. So proud.

The one armed sass master, GN Archer

Arios basically finished. (Comes with a base!)

Another shot
The knock I have against the Arios is how the arms connect to the torso. The polycaps in the torso are directed diagonally up, and the connector ball joint from the shoulder armor points diagonally down. This leaves very little room for forward and backward whole arm movement. As you can see in this picture, most of the arm movement will happen either away from the body, or at the elbow. 

Together! (before the arm section snapped off again)

So all in all, we had a fun time. My girlfriend thought the GN Archer was too simple, so maybe we'll step it up next time. I'm still kinda upset with how fragile the part was for the GN Archer, but once I get the replacement part, I will fix it up, and then do some cliched Arios and Archer poses.

UPDATE 6/6/14

The parts finally came! GK Parts came through and we finally got the pieces in to fix the arm (too bad it cost an arm and a leg to get it...) but anyways here are the final photos and some thoughts!

 This kit had been sitting on my shelf for awhile, with one arm, just kinda chilling. I almost forgot I ordered replacement parts for the snapped arm joint months ago.

Using the Crossbone Maoh's peace hand


In its flight mode, very easy transformation. 

Docking mode is very easy too, glad you don't have to take pieces apart, but instead just use the attachment pieces. 

Gotta love Arios and GN Archer. Allelujah and Marie had the only real romance of the series. Unless you count Lockon with anyone... (either lockon...) sigh lockon...

If nothing else I'm just glad to finally be able to pose these two together, in their finished forms. 

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