Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Still Waiting

Today I decided to publicize my blog, so if this is your first time viewing, welcome! 

Its been a little frustrating getting rolling, especially with the weather so far. Hopefully once Spring really comes, I can start some of my bigger projects. 

It has been a season of waiting: 

So I'm still waiting for my MG Exia and Duel Assault Shroud to arrive.
and also my replacement part for my GN Archer so I can finally do this 

wait wat

and I'm waiting for good weather to start my painting endeavors

and waiting to see who wins the GGDC 2014. I have friends who have entered, and also have seen a lot of amazing posts on r/gunpla. 

I'm just glad there was an opportunity to work towards something, instead of just building for fun. Having a goal in place helped me to want to put a lot of effort and give my best. Best of luck to all who have entered! 

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