Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Quick Look at the Builders Parts Campaign

Many of you know that Bandai has been running their Builder Parts Campaign for some time now. Basically the idea is to promote kitbashing/customizing kits based on the parts you already have, or parts you can get from other kits. Bandai is helping with this by shipping adapter pieces to facilitate the process (for their HG kits) Currently, from my knowledge HobbyLinkJapan and GundamPlanet are doing this campaign for a limited time (based on stock). 

HLJ is throwing in 1 of these runners per HG kit you purchase (that is eligible) 
GundamPlanet is throwing in 1 of these runners for every 3 HG kits you purchase (that are eligible)
I got my runner through GundamPlanet, but only because they announced their involvement just days after I purchased the HG Arios and GN Archer that you have seen before. After some emailing, they said if I bought one HG kit, they'd throw in a runner (and they gave me the one I requested too!)

I ended up picking the Kampfer Amazing, because I love the weapons. We'll see what I do with the kit later. (custom paint? straight build?) Well I guess he'll have the Renato Bros. to go up against.

Here is a quick look at the runner. its fairly small, about 4x4 inches

The Beam Gatling that I wanted, very easy to build, just three pieces. 

For the demonstration of the adapter pieces, I will use the HG Build Strike FP

And the Sinanju!

I've been tinkering the idea of sticking the Sinanju pack on the Build Strike just for fun, but it never fit because the hole was too deep into the Strike's back for the peg to reach. Well, with the Builder Parts peg extender (1x included) you can extend that peg and make it fit!

Sinanju Strike! (size proportions are pretty off haha)

Next just for fun, I'm going to switch out the arms. The Sinanju uses a polycap with a peg insertion for the shoulders. The Build Strike uses a polycap ball joint. To fix this, we will use the shoulder adaptors

with the ball joint inserted on one end, and pegs on the other, we can finally switch out the arms!

Though, I don't know why you would ever want to. That just looks ridiculous.

With the backpack adapter, you can take pieces from other kits backpacks and attach them on as well!

I took the cannons off of the Rezel Defenser and put it on

Kinda crazy, but its cool nonetheless! 

Finally, there's the beam gatling. The only gripe i have is that the beam gatling handle doesnt fit certain hands that well, so you just gotta find the right fit. But all in all, I'm pretty excited to see what I can do with my HG kits now. 

Anyways. On to building my GM Sniper K9!

See ya'll next time.

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  1. I hope I get my runners soon (if at all)! March is over and the "March Restock" items at hlj have not come in! D:<