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Review: MG Aile Strike Gundam Remastered

Hey Builders!

I'm on a roll lately. I've finished my third kit in 2 months, and finally knocked my backlog down to 3 kits left. I'm really excited to have finished this kit because of a theme and trend I've been working on lately. If you saw my last post for the MG Aegis you would notice that I'm starting to do collection builds and nemesis/duo builds. This is my first completed nemesis build, with the MG Strike Gundam finished to complement my MG Aegis

The Strike Gundam is one of my favorites. It might be one of the most iconic mobile suits since the original RX 78-2, and was featured in the polarizing Gundam SEED series, which is very popular in Japan. 


Size Comparison

I decided to compare the Strike with its nemesis Aegis and its Destiny counterpart, the Sword Impulse

Obviously, the Sword Impulse does not have the same width as the Aile Strike because of the added length of the wings, but I assume the Force Impulse would have been more comparable. As you can see, the Sword Impulse is actually taller than the Strike despite being a very similar mobile suit. The Strike stands at 17.72 meters tall, whereas the Sword Impulse stands at 19.37 meters. 

If you watched the anime, you would also know that the Aegis at 18.86 meters is taller than the Strike. But again, with the Aile Striker Pack, the Strike takes up much more horizontal space than the Aegis, even with its pointy shoulders.

Weapons and Manipulators (and equipment)

This kit has the same type of hands as the Aegis (which I believe all the GATX series of mobile suits has) where it is a palm with a thumb with a slot for interchanging the other four fingers. This kit comes with 2 open hands, 2 fists, 2 trigger fingers, 2 holding hands with pegs, and 2 open hands without pegs (that are meant to hold the anti-ship sword that would come with the Sword Striker Pack)

This kit comes with the standard weapons for the Strike Gundam. It comes with 1 anti-beam shield, 1 beam rifle, and two beam sabers with effect parts. These beam sabers are stored on the Aile Striker Pack

The kit also comes with 2 folding Armored Schneider knives which are stored in the side skirts. 

Of course, it wouldn't be the Aile Strike without the Aile Striker Pack. The pack connects to the suit through a flat hard-point connection in the back, which has a polycap slotted behind it. The pack can also slide back, and the wings can slide back separately as well. 

By doing so, you can reveal another connection point, where you can connect the batteries for the Perfect Strike


 This kit has good arm articulation. It can extend all the way out to each side horizontally, and bend almost flat at the elbow. The shoulder armor is separate from the arms, so they can rotate freely.

There is articulation in the torso unit, where the upper part can shift separate from the lower part, which can rotate on the waist. The head also sits on a ball joint which can tilt forward and back from the lower connection.

The leg articulation is typical of a Master Grade. The knee cap separates from the leg when you bend it, and there is extreme movement of the toes. However, the thigh joint is very rigid. This causes the leg to pop off from the waist when trying to move the legs into splits. It also knocks the side skirts off, frequently. 

Color and Quality

This kit is very beautiful. The standard red, white, and blue are vibrant, showing off a very accurate looking Strike. As per most Master Grades, it requires no seals for detailing, aside from the eyes, the head cameras, and the rifle sight. Every other accented color comes from different colored pieces of plastic. I'm very impressed with the amount of inner frame that peeks out behind the legs, shoulders, and torso. I'm also very impressed with the construction of the shield. The yellow, red, and white contrast beautifully. 

The Aile Striker Pack is also looking great. The red and black, with peeking sections of grey, white, and yellow make it look awesome. It also sits stably in the back. It doesn't suffer from significant weight issues, and can actually stand on its own. 

Pros and Cons

This kit looks magnificent. I can't stop raving about it, nor can I stop obsessing over how great it looks, and how fun the build was. This is a more traditional Master Grade build, without any crazy gimmicks, but it definitely left me feeling satisfied with it. Plastic quality is great, and I didn't have any trouble cleaning up gauge marks. It doesn't suffer from significant weight issues, and it also comes with a lot of play opportunities. 

However, I have issues with the legs. They are really rigid and a pain to move around to get into good poses. This is the biggest issue I have, since it always causes the side skirts to fly off, and the leg to pop out of the waist mechanism. I also don't really like the hand design. I would rather have the standard Master Grade hands which are more versatile. I don't enjoy swapping out the fingers every time I want to switch out weapons. It makes more sense for a kit that may have larger weapons that need sturdier hand, but for these standard weapons I would've preferred the normal Master Grade hands.


This kit comes with an action base which also doubles as a launch pad. I was really excited when I got this kit, because it came with the base, which you would usually have to pay extra to get. Needless to say, the fact that it was a launch pad as well, really caught my attention.

The launch pad can fit any normal sized Master Grade Gunpla, but it comes with a power cable which can plug into the back skirt of the Strike. This adds some stability to the kit when it stands in the slots provided. The construction is very easy, and it does the job of an action base very well. You can easily swap out other kits if you want them to be in a launching pose.

In the action base form, it fits the Strike in that the adapter that connects to the base only fits in the back skirt of the Strike (same slot as the power cable). The free flying cable adds the effect that it had just launched and separated from the power cable as well.

If nothing else, you can have the kit just standing on the base as well. It is a little long, so it could take up some space depending on which way you orient it in your shelf. 


At its price range, typically around $45, this is easily the best bargain, especially with the equipment, and the action base. I would say this kit is a must have for anyone who loves the Strike. Besides this, it is an all-around amazing kit. It was fun to build, not frustrating or difficult, but still satisfying. As a builder, I found myself enjoying every second of building this kit. Seeing each part completed motivated me to keep going and keep giving my best effort. 

This kit is also compatible with the old Master Grade Launcher Strike/Sword Strike kit, in that you can attach the packs to this kit in any combination, or to create the Perfect Strike. The instruction booklet gives you directions on how to do so. I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone looking for a good Master Grade to build, and pose. This kit comes ready for you to build it and stick it on your shelf and be a real eye catcher. Its a great piece to add to your collection. 

It also comes with two sets of pilots for the kit. You can choose whether you want Mu La Flaga or Kira Yamato

Until next time!

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  1. what about the decals? tell me more about it. does it include water slide decal?