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Review: HGBF Amazing Red Warrior

Hey Builders, 

I have a quick review for you all today, with a fairly recent kit that just came out. This is my first kit that I have purchased from the series Gundam Build Fighters Try. To be perfectly honest, I've felt this season has been fairly lack luster in comparison to the first, though it does have its moments. I was quickly enamored with this kit, being the second one to really catch my eye after the Lightning Gundam. Not to mention, this is the handy work of the Meijin himself. 

With everything going on in the series, Meijin Kawaguchi made his initial gunpla battle cameo in dramatic fashion, descending from the heavens to the tune of epic flamenco. 

And I fell in love. 

My favorite color is red, and I absolutely love red mobile suits. I actually had never heard of the Perfect Gundam III: Red Warrior until this episode. Apparently it came from the manga Plamo Kyoshiro, and its design was revamped by Hajime Katoki. 

Without further ado, let us take a look at this kit.


Upon opening this box, I was a little surprised at how many runners there were in this kit. As you can see, there are just a few runners, and they are fairly small in size. I initially thought that this was the case because the gunpla itself was slim and sleek, and without a huge option part or backpack. This kit comes with 2 A runners in red, 2 B runners in grey, 1 C runner in yellow, 1 D runner in dark red, 1 E runner in white, 1 F runner in grey, 1 G runner in grey, 1 beam saber runner with 4 effect pieces, and 1 polycap runner. 

Size Comparison

Turns out this kit is actually fairly small, which is why there were so few parts. Initially I thought it might be as small as the Crossbone Maoh, but as you can see, this is still the shortest and smallest of all my HG gunpla, and the Red Warrior is still taller. However, the Crossbone Maoh will get some more beef on it once you attach the satellite skull pack. Regardless, the suit itself is shorter. 

Weapons and Manipulators

This kit comes with various weapons which can be swapped and interchanged with the back pack. The pack has two arms which connect to each weapon through hard-points. Each weapon can then be deployed under the arms for the Red Warrior to grasp and use. 

This kit comes with 4 manipulators: 2 closed fists, and 2 holding hands. 
This kit also comes with:
Beam Rifle 甲
Beam Rifle 乙
When combined, they form the Long Rifle

There is also a part to swap out to create the Beam Gatling. 

Hyper Bazooka
Handgun w/short and long blade attachments to create... A GUNBLADE!!! (my personal favorite)
It also comes with 4 beam effect pieces, 2 short and 2 long to be inserted in the beam emitter on the right wrist.
The left arm comes with the mini shield
I actually really love the play options for this kit.
You can also flip the chest armor to reveal missile pods. 

The arms can't bend all the way up, though it has a good bend overall because of the elbow joint. However, there is very limited range of shoulder movement because of the armor. The arm can come mostly all the way out to the sides, and the wrists sit in ball joints as well. You can rotate the arm on the bicep. All in all, the arm articulation leaves a bit to be desired. 

The leg articulation is also the same. The front skirts don't lift up very far, so you can't bring the legs forward. The amount of movement from the legs actually relies on the fact that the connection points sits on a peg which can tilt up and down. The bend isn't very great, and neither is the ankle movement. 

 Color and Quality

As you can see, this kit is molded in a very nice red plastic, with accented pieces of darker red on the front armor. There are also some white and yellow pieces that pop out at you at various places. It doesn't rely on too many seals to create this color contrast. There is a seal for the eyes, the hyper bazooka sight, and the back of the head. 

One issue I had, was with the seam lines and the gating. This kit had some really runner gashes when removing it from the kit, in very noticeable and prominent places, such as the front of the arms. Typically, I don't have issues with nub marks, but I found myself, even when meticulously taking my time cutting the pieces off the runner, running into these gashes. I'm not sure if it was just me, but there were some very thick pieces of plastic connecting to small parts. 

Pros and Cons

This kit is mostly in red, but does not suffer from a lack of color separation. The deep reds, whites and yellows really makes this kit look great even if its only mostly red. This kit doesn't rely on seals to create detail. The amount of weapons it comes with is superb, and it looks great holding each weapon. The kit provides a variety of play options. 

This kit is fairly small. At a $23 price tag off Amazon, I was expecting more plastic. Thick runner contacts that are hard to manage for small pieces. Weapons tend to pop off the connection arms to the pack when trying to swap it out. Weapons come in very bland grey plastic. Even gunblade does not have any color separation. Needs to be painted if you want it to be accurate. Articulation leaves a bit to be desired. Difficult to pose, and can feel a little stiff. 


This kit still looks great, and you won't be disappointed with the colors. If you love the Red Warrior, though, you may be slightly disappointed. I expected more from this kit in terms of its pose-ability and articulation, but found in the arms and legs that it was fairly lacking. However, the amount of weapons (unique in and of itself) were very refreshing. I just had to have the gunblades, and the short beamsabers which emit from the arm was an added bonus as well. 

However, at a $23 price tag, I would hold off on this kit. I definitely would have wanted to pay less for it, at least by a few dollars. But, if you must have it, I can't say that it won't make a great addition to your Build Fighters collection. 

But I'm totally on this kit if there's an MG release, or a Ver Ka even...

Until Next Time!

Did I mention I was sad they didn't include open hands so we could recreate the heavenly descent?

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