Friday, March 28, 2014

GunplaWorks Bonus! GM Sniper K9 Conversion!

So if you're like me, and you like the GM Sniper K9 as well as the GM Sniper II that its based on, you might ask yourself, "If they use similar pieces/recolored runners, can I convert the GM Sniper K9 to the GM Sniper II?" 

Well for the most part, Yes! (except for the blue colors)

Included on the runners are these pieces here

And that yellow piece for the chest (and the other one i forgot to include that goes in the stomach)
When you put them together, you have the pieces that replace the front and side skirts, replace the shoulder vents, and the chest area, and the backpack. 

I couldn't quite get the chest part open (couldnt get the collar off) so i just took off the combat knife holder, and you can see where the vents go. (be careful, the instructions calls for a sticker over the other vent that might come off when you remove the piece)

and here is the replaced backpack. 

Compared to the HG GM Sniper II as seen below. (the K9 also comes with a shield)

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