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A look at the HG Build Custom Valuable Pod and Powered Arms Powereder

Hey Builders, 

I'm here with a quick look at the Valuable Pod and Powered Arms from Gundam Build Fighters

If you don't remember, there was a brief unveiling of Susumu Sazaki's new Gyan Vulcan in the third to last episode of Gundam Build Fighters, titled Gunpla Eve, where celebrations were being had prior to the final match betwen Reiji and Sei and Meijin Kawaguchi. 

Sazaki's Gyan Vulcan easily defeated Monta Gonda's Turn X, but was quickly dispatched by an even more excited unveiling of Ricardo Fellini's Rinascita Gundam

This HG Build Custom kit comes with all the parts necessary to customize an existing Gyan into the Gyan Vulcan, without having to make a new kit. However, I don't have a Gyan, and frankly I only bought it because it has a cool gatling gun pack...

Here is what the Pod actually looks like when it is completed. The Shields are kind of heavy, and the arms that connect to it sit inside loose peg holes, so they tend to fall off a lot. The kit comes with a Gyan head, that fits underneath the nose of the Pod, and has another cover piece. 

Along with the kit comes some attachment pieces. There is a piece for connecting it to a single-hole backpack, and a two-hole backpack. There are also shield holding pieces, so you can equip the large shields to be held by a mobile suit. There are also peg extenders as well. 

By connecting a few of the pieces, you get this connection piece, where the light blue peg fits into the back of a standard one hole backpack slot, and then the weapon pack connects to the black part. There is another peg hole at the bottom, where you can connect the pack to even lower. 

As seen here, the hole on the pack is actually lower, so this piece can connect it without it being too high up on the back. 

Since I don't have a Gyan, I will be using the Build Strike to show you how this pack looks. 

Here he is with just the vulcan pack

And here he is with the shield/sabers connected to the pack as well. 

The first arm piece allows a mobile suit to hold the handle, and then have extra support by clipping onto the forearm. These do not fit on the Build Strike, however. 

This piece is just a handle, and unless the hand holding it is tight enough, it will just slip and not actually be able to be held up, unfortunately. 

These pieces can also be fashioned into the vulcans, to make for some cool gatling guns. 

Here he is all fitted up with the swords as well. 

Taking off the connection piece, you can also see that the pack can connect to a two-hole backpack slot, say for example, the Crossbone Maoh or Wing Gundam Fenice

You can actually slot it in upside down as well. 

Here he is with the vulcan pack

He can actually hold the shields, with the arm clips doing their job

Interestingly enough, you can use the arms on the satellite pack to connect to the gatling guns as well, for some interesting customizing.

And he can hold the gatling guns using the arm holding pieces as well.

The Powered Arms Powereder is featured on Hoshino Fumina's GM Cardigan in the first few episodes of Gundam Build Fighters Try. Prior to switching to the SD Winning Gundam, Hoshino Fumina's primary suit was the souped up GM Cardigan, complete with a wide assortment of weapons on its backpack. 

This Build Custom comes with the parts needed to build the Powered Arms Powereder, with interchangeable guns to be attached at different points. It also comes with the arm cannons, and a submachine gun, also used by the GM Cardigan

The pack itself is meant to be connected to a two-hole backpack slot, but comes with an adapter for connecting to a single-hole backpack slot. 

Here is the Build Strike completed with the Machine gun, weapons pack, and arm cannons. 

And of course, you can swap out the gun heads, and also move the arms, extend them or rotate them to have them sticking out from different directions. 

Now I'll connect it to the GM Sniper K9. It has its own submachine gun, so now it has two. 

Interestingly enough, I can remove one of the powered arms, and slot the K9 Sniper rifle into it as well. It looks appropriate enough.

Here he is all gatling'd up, with the Valuable Pod vulcan cannons, and the Powered Arms gatling guns, and an HG Build Campaign gatling gun as well. 

All in all, these are some pretty cool customization kits. I love gatling guns so much, and they make kits look so much cooler. I just love how much you can customize each pack as well. You'd be surprised what you can find to connect to each pack to make it your own. The amount of customization is just great, and if you use your creativity and imagination, you can find a cool kitbash that works for you!

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  1. I wonder how the R-Gyagya would look with the Valuable pod. Quad shield Hoplite style!