Thursday, September 3, 2015

Review: HGBF 1/144 Try Burning Gundam

Hello Builders!

It's been awhile...I know in my last entry, I promised a review of the Try Burning Gundam, and here it is! I, like most of you, was drawn into the amazing hype train that was Gundam Build Fighters Try, especially after watching the glory that was Gundam Build Fighters. I couldn't wait for this series to get started. Unfortunately, I found myself asking after every episode, 'that's it?' I kept hoping and hoping for better the next week, but found that in the end, it was average at best. 

Sure I had my doubts. When they first unveiled the lead suits, I was more drawn to the transforming suit, Lightning Gundam, and then realized that the main would actually be the Build Burning Gundam. Well, if the main suit has no weapons, and is primarily a hand to hand combat suit, wouldn't that formula get a little repetitive? Oh well, I'll give it a chance. 

In the end, this isn't a rant about how disappointing the series was. After I got over myself, I found some joy and happiness in the fight scenes that ensued, and also with the badassery that was any iteration of the Burning. I was compelled to get this kit because of the ability to recreate those intense scenes of flames spouting from the armor of the Try Burning.


For a suit with no weapons, this was about what I expected in terms of parts. 10 runners of various sizes, and colors. Interestingly enough, the largest runner happened to be the flame effect pieces. I'm not complaining. 

Size Comparison

Here is the Try Burning next to its ancestor, Build Strike Gundam. Both are relatively similar in height, with the Try Burning having a much shorter torso, but longer legs. 

Weapons and Manipulators

Seeing as this kit has no real weapons besides its fists, here are all the hands it comes with. It has two open hands, two closed fists, two flat karate chop style hands, and two open hands. It also has two orange effect fists which fit into the flame effects. All of the fists, with exception of the orange ones, have the movable wrist gimmick, not normally found in High grade kits, but provides for extra motion and range of posing for the hands. (which you can apparently now purchase as an option kit, gg Bandai).

Instead of "weapons" I decided to add the flame effect parts here. You can see all the different pieces which replace the blue plavsky particle emitting sections of the Try. You can also see that it includes two flaming punch effects, and one flaming kick effect, with flame trails. 


Anybody who knows about the Burning iterations, knows that it has a wide variety of articulation and motion. With the variety of hands, and their ability to bend, you can get some crazy poses out with this kit, like break-dancing for example. 

Here are some more shots of the hands in action, in case you wanted to take a jump shot, or sass somebody. Unfortunately, the wrist to forearm connection can be a little loose, and it ends up not holding weapons very well. The shoulder joints are also fairly loose, as the connection doesn't securely fit. I find that when I try to move the arms around for posing, the arms pop off from the shoulder very often. Pretty annoying. Not to mention, the flame effect pieces will get in the way of poses when you choose to go that angle. 

Color and Quality

Shown above, from left to right, is the Try Burning without any effect pieces, with blue effect pieces, and then with the flame effect pieces. In my opinion, this kit looks amazing in both forms, which is both a blessing and a curse. Whichever mode you put it in, it will look great. However, if you are like me, and fickle, you will fumble to change its effect parts every week. I keep all the effect parts separate from my other parts bin for this very reason. 

This kit has a ton of color separation, which is awesome. In its base form, you have a vibrant red torso, with spats of dark blue coming around the waist, and yellow popping out all over the place. The pieces that are white are layered in such a way that the blue is meant to shine through them, which just looks fantastic. Finally, the flame pieces just add to how majestic it looks

In general, the kit is pretty sturdy, and stands firm. The only parts that tend to pop off are the shoulders, and sometimes the blue effect pieces (as they are meant to be removed easily)

Pros and Cons

I would have to say this kit offers a lot in the box for a kit that doesn't come with weapons. I think back to the Shining Gundam that only came with beam sabers, but had some cool effect parts for the SHINING FINGAHHH, and the shining finger sword. This kit offers a wide range of pose-ability, and some cool, close combat action scenes. With the variety of hands and effect pieces, you'll be able to pull off some awesome poses. I found that even simple poses looked great, just because of the added motion in the hands. 

When you get past all the glitz, glam, and falcon kicks, you'll find a few glaring issues with this kit. Aside from the range of motion, again there are issues with the shoulders staying in, and also with some of the blue particle pieces staying where they are. The wrists tend to be loose in its connection to the forearm, and also the flame effect pieces will get in the way when you try to pose. 


I would probably not recommend this kit, just because of the downfalls it has. I personally really like the kit, don't get me wrong, but I find that I lose patience for the pieces that fall off, and that get in the way. It really does look cool, (especially when paired with the Honoo) but I don't think I can justify recommending it. It does come with some option parts so that you can pop on some different backpacks, which is cool too!

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