Friday, June 13, 2014

Gundam Unicorn Bang!

The game is rough, and I threw it together fairly sloppily. Currently it is only the base game, with room for expansions with more cards, and also into other universes very easily.
The game follows the same idea of Bang as having different roles that are unknown to each player.
The premise of the game is very simple, there are two main sides, Nahel Argama, and the Garencieries. Both sides have their Protagonist (or sheriff in Bang) Each player will randomly choose a "Character Card"
One by one, without revealing who they have selected, unless they have chosen Banagher or Full Frontal. If the first person to choose a "Protagonist" was Full Frontal, for example, that character is the sheriff for the round, and the other character, Banagher, becomes a normal hidden player, and vice versa.
The goal of the game is, lets say Full Frontal is the Protagonist of this round. The Garencieries team must destroy the Nahel Argama team, and protect Full Frontal. The Nahel Argama team only has to destroy Full Frontal. If the Entire Nahel Argama team is defeated, and Full Frontal survives, the Sleeves win.
If Full Frontal is defeated, the Nahel Argama wins.
The other Character, is Riddhe Marcenas, who for this game, will be considered the Mercenary. His job is to kill everyone, but most importantly, he must kill the protagonist last.
The only known character is the first protagonist chosen, and he must figure out who his allies are, and who his enemies are.
After choosing characters, each player will randomly draw a Mobile Suit. These suits do not depend on team affiliations, such that someone on the Nahel Argama can pilot a Sleeves mobile suit, and vice versa. The only dictated suit is for the protagonist. If Banagher is the protagonist, he uses the Unicorn, and Full Frontal the Sinanju. Each mobile suit has an ability which can be utilized in game.
Players will use a combination of cards during the game to attack, defend, etc.
White cards are single play
Blue Marked cards are permanent unless destroyed by other cards.
Bang is used to shoot other players
Miss is to dodge bang cards
Mechanic is to repair 1 life point
Panic is to steal a card from another player
Funnels acts as the "indian" card as each player must play a bang to shoot it down or you lose a life.
The Hangar is the General store card
Snipe is Cat Baillou, where you can destroy any card of another player
Gatling is still gatling, basically a bang targetted at everyone
Convoy allows you to draw 2 cards
Diner replenishes everyone's health by 1
Full Armor allows you to draw 3 cards
Duel is still duel, each player exchanges playing bang cards until one fails to do so.
Shield is the Barrel card, where if you draw a heart, it counts as a miss during a bang
Stand by is the Jail card, where you must draw a heart to be free.
Base Jabber makes other players see you at a distance of +1
Scope makes other players seen at a distance -1
You can also equip weapons, which each add to your range, or allow you to play more than 1 bang card.
The Haro cards are your life points, (dictated by your mobile suit)
The cards haven't been designed with playing card numbers/suits yet, but this is just a general outline. I hope to duplicate cards and add the playing card aspect in.

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